A Message from Bill

Thank you for visiting PoweroftheWinds.com

You should know first and foremost that I am a music educator.  I have been a band director for thirty years and have taught at all grade levels.  These arrangements are the result of my commitment to good teaching.   I have created them with my band students in mind.    All of the full band arrangements were written for my students.  They answer a need—specific technical practice, melodic development, or to feature those “forgotten” sections. 

My students have performed all of these arrangements in various concerts. My arrangements have been proven to help students improve, challenging them, teaching them, and showing them that making music is fun!  

I hope you can find something you like that will suit your needs as a music educator.  All of my arrangements have happened because of a need that could not be met by the major publishers.

What do you need for your band?  What type of music can’t you find anywhere else? Let me know - I may be able to help! Contact me anytime...