All About Total Program for Beginning Band

A NEW and INTEGRATED approach combining:

       METHOD BOOK     +     FULL BAND     +     SOLOS       

Power of the Winds Book 1
(The Method Book)
The Learning Power Series
(Full Band Arrangements)
8 Progressive Solos
(Individual Solos)
The best method for the first year in band.
The musical organziation that band directors want.
Contains the "little" things that directors love.

  • Organized in musical chapters for Focus and Assessment
  • Measures are numbered
  • Fingering Chart is numbered

The series contains eleven full band arrangements that correlate educationally with the chapters in Power of the Winds Method Book 1.

If you are looking for full band arrangements that work specifically on musical concepts, check out the scores and listen to the sample audio files.

  • Eight solos that correlate with the musical chapters in Power of the Winds Method Book 1
  • Enjoyable melodies arranged for the young student
  • Assess concepts presented in Book 1
  • Optional endings that allow the concept to be assessed while having an advanced section for advanced players